EnerTrac for Custom Drive Solutions, That save Energy and Space - Liquid Cooled sealed and Super Rugged

Proud supplier to NASA
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EnerTrac Corp has developed a line of direct drive Drum motors for industrial applications. The unique features of  low speed and high torque,  utilizing  liquid cooling eliminates the gearbox in many applications saving energy,  weight and space

Our design uses a mounting technique that allows the outer shell to rotated and still have a output shaft . Because the magnets are bonded onto a large diameter outer shells the motor produces very high torque and reduced RPM.  By incorporating liquid cooling into  the internal stator we can keep the winding and magnets within there operating temperature parameters. 

Motor in Cradle 2 inc shaft
Torque VS Speed mtr9
four motors

Industrial shaft drive Drum motor being inspected

Here is an example of output power. The motor is 10 inches in Diam. and 11 inches in depth putting out 450 Ft-Lbs of torque peak. The power to size ratio is excellent.

Typical Torque Plot.

Winch motors ready to ship to NASA for integration into the Launch tower